Jul 24, 2017

My quilt is loved!

I made the Farm Girl Vintage Sampler quilt for my lovely little grand daughter for her 10th birthday!
She's now in the double digits :)

This quilt took two years to make, and was difficult, with all the little pieces that make a 6" block!
I gave it to the perfect person, she really appreciates it :)
Isn't Kennedy the cutest?

A couple of days after she opened her gift, Kennedy and her sisters went to their aunt and uncle's house for a few days.
I asked Kennedy if she took her quilt with her.
She told me she didn't take it to their house because she was afraid it would get dirty.
Perfect answer!!! Lol

Kennedy is perfectly awesome!
She is kind, thoughtful, happy, funny, creative, pretty, and she's made of spice and everything nice.
She's a lot like her mother, like me, my mother and my mother's mother.
How cool to see so many generations wrapped up in one sweet little girl!

Jul 10, 2017

Farm Girl Vintage Sampler quilt finished!

It's done!!! Yay!!!
It's taken two years to finish and I love it!
I sent it to my grand daughter Kennedy,
 who will turn 10 on July 19.
A gift of love and time!

I love all 52 - 6 l/2" squares :)

 Here I am busily binding my quilt so I could put it in the mail.

If you want to see more photos of my quilt, or the corner sawtooth stars, or the machine quilting, you can type Farm Girl Vintage in the search button at the top right of my blog.
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Jul 3, 2017

Farm Girl Vintage Sampler is quilted!

I finished machine quilting Kennedy's quilt!
She doesn't know it's her quilt, I'm giving it to her for her 10th birthday, this month :)

I followed the gingham fabric, quilting along the gingham, every 3 stripes, back and forth, creating a crosshatch effect.

You can see on the mint green minky back :)
See the crosshatch design?
I outlined the starts in each corner.  

I followed Lori Kennedy's "simple flower" motif and free motion quilted the design in the center of each block.
I used the wavy stitch on my Bernina, to outline all the blocks.

I did a free motion reverse loop, on the second border, outside of the flowers.

One problem with machine quilting with my sewing machine, is that I can't get the fabric taut like you would be able to on a quilt frame or long arm machine.

I'm going to choose one of these 3 fabrics for the binding.
Can you help me choose which one to use?
Just tell me in the comment box below :)

I like this Sew Cherry yellow!

I think the pink is different, because it contrasts with the red, ever so slightly.

The blue would be pretty too :)

Thanks in advance, for helping me.
I'll post photos of the finished quilt next week!
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Jun 19, 2017

Baby Brit QAL finish!

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Almost 5 years ago, I hosted a QAL.
Six people joined me, along with 2 of my daughters.
You can see the quilt I made here!

My daughter Lindsay made this quilt.
I just love the colors she used!

I never would have thought of using green and yellow, along with the traditional red and blue!

Every time I visited her home, I would see the quilt top folded neatly on her shelf.  
Almost a year ago, I offered to machine quilt it for her, because I really wanted to see the quilt finished :)

I would have liked to have done a "custom" quilt pattern, but I was pressed for time.
I did an organic vertical pattern.

It's always wonderful to get a quilt finished :)

Normally, I would have used a red binding.  
I tried thinking outside the box and chose pink because it picked up the beautiful little pink roses in the fabric.
Lindsay gave me the blue and yellow to use for the back, she has a great color sense!

Jun 12, 2017

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Case

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I bought this pattern at Pine Needles in West Jordan, Utah, and have been dying to make it!

I made this cute little case for my Kindle Paperwhite and it was so easy!

I love this "quilt as you go" method and had such fun finding the cutest little bits of fabric to use.

Look, my name is even printed on the fabric!
It's "bowling team" by Cotton and Steel and just happened to have my name on it :)

Here is the back of my little case, I love it just as much as the front.
Each little piece of fabric brings back happy memories.

Jun 5, 2017

Farm Girl Vintage Sampler quilt top finished!

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It's taken 2 years, but I finally finished my quilt top!

48 - 6 l/2" blocks, plus the 4 in the corners = 52!

 Here is a closeup of the blocks that I put in the corners.

It's going to take me a while to find the time to quilt this beauty, hopefully I can get it done before the second week in July :)

May 29, 2017

Farm Girl Sampler quilt part 5

post signatureWell, my Farm Girl Vintage sampler quilt is almost finished.
Here are all 48 of the 6 l/2" blocks, stacked in a pile.
It doesn't look like much, but as you know, it represents a lot of time, and thread!

I like this placement of the blocks.
I've sort of placed them by theme, according to how my mind works....
The cherry pie is beside the canning jars, the mixing bowls are beside the milking can and the cow, the chicken is by the barn and the barn cat, the farmhouse is by the American flag and watermelon, and the honey bee is by the zinnia flower.  
You get the idea, lol!
Other than that, the blocks are randomly placed, according to color.

I took a black and white photo to make sure the color values were even, and I think they are.

Progress, I sewed the blocks together with the sashing.

I'm auditioning fabric for the outside border.
I was going to use the polka dot, but I like the checked fabric better.
I like how it's offset.

I've got these fabrics that may work for the border too.

I love the yellow!

I'm using these stars in the outside corners of the quilt.
I chose the sayings especially for Kennedy. 
Kennedy is my 9 year old grand daughter, and I'm making this quilt for her 10th birthday.
Ssssshhhhhh, don't tell her!

I sent the photos of the borders to my daughter, and she said that Kennedy would like this one the best!
I'll show you the finished quilt top next week....
Thanks for your patience and stay tuned!